The Ugly Truth of Washing or Not Washing

Maybe because my Mother was a cosmetologist and drilled good skin care down my throat pretty much since birth, that I developed very early on in life, an advanced twice a day, daily skin care regimen.

Since the age of 11, I began a 4 step skin care system using 1. cleanser 2. toner 3. day time cream 4. night cream. By age 15 or 16 I added in eye gel, which has now turned into "eye repair" cream.

My Mother showed me the proper way, to wash, which was, and still is, using your ring and middle finger to gentle apply product in small circular patterns starting in the center of your face and going outwards. Always in the direction of pulling your skin up and away. Never pull! Never use your Pointer Finger! Never use a wash cloth! No no! Much to rough.

I followed her directions perfectly. Half out of curiosity the other out of fear. She warned me failure to wash your skin and especially your Make-Up off, would result in premature aging. In fact she said it could age your face an extra 2 Weeks!! Which actually turned out to be false its more like 72 hours. But the fear of thinking that it was 14 days instead of 3 really helped motivate me through high school, and especially college even on those rough late nights.

Well here I am in my 30's. I dare not add the extra 2,000 days I rounded down and I must say I look pretty flipping fantastic. My Mother who lied through her teeth about almost everything, was really right about the skincare.......well not exactly because she did as usual put her fear factor spin on even that! Skin care.! "You will Age your face TWO WEEKS!!!" Two!" "You must not age till you find a husband!" LOL Well we all have our Mothers, or Sisters, or some Woman in our life, at some point or even now yelling at us to take better care.

So calm down, take a deep breath, do not worry and wash your face! It does not have to be scary or that hard and if you don't know where to begin I am here to help. Gently help. Like my first choice in cleanser.

I can't recommend one skincare line to the next being better or worse. There are tons on the market and I have tried probably a good 15-20. You really have to find what works for you.

I can say however my Sister in Law who is a Nurse turned me onto Dermalogica, and I personally have been loving it so much I sell it out of my studio. I don't keep the whole line, but I have access to order anything you want, so its fresh and not sitting on a shelf getting weak. I included a link below if you want to check out their page. If you want to come in for a free skincare consult please feel free to message me personally @925.413.4609!

Till Next Time


{Below a Rare online No- Make-UP pick right after my Hydro Facial} Which stayed tune will be in an upcoming blog! So please subscribe and thank you for reading!

Check them out here.

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