10 Tips to a lasting Spray Tan

Warmer weather is coming and so is showing a little more skin.  The spring dresses are here and warm days reminding us summer is right around the bend.  Now is the time to book for an in home spray tan session.  Packages available and I recommend two sprays a month to keep you looking fresh and glowy! 

How it works:  We come to your home set up a spray tent in a well ventilated area, and within minutes you are done!

Below I am going to give you some tips on how to keep your tan looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

Tip #1 Exfoliate at least 4 hours before your tan.  This allows the skin to fluff off and the pores to reset before tanning

#2 Do Not! I repeat do not wear lotions or sprays or apply anything to your skin before tanning.  This will help ensure there is nothing blocking your tan. 

#3 Wait 6 hours after tanning before rinsing off or getting wet.  This allows the tan to set and activate into your skin.    

#4 Wash in cool water and do not scrub,exfoliate, or rub your skin. 

#5 Pat dry and use a microfiber towel if possible.  

#6. Moisturize! You can also buy tan extender lotions.

#7  Shave before your tan but avoid shaving after for as long as possible.  

#8 Stay hydrated!  The more hydrated your skin the less fast it fluffs off. 

#9 Don’t skip the sunscreen.  It’s protects your skin which protects your tan.

#10 Don’t forget to pre-book your appointment at your previous appointment to ensure you stay looking tan and glowy all summer long. 

Hope you enjoy this post!

Stay beautiful!

xoxo- E

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