Loving the "New" fishtail

The new fishtail is done by doing the traditional fishtail braid then gently pulling it apart.  Giving this look a new and exaggerated and beautiful romantic style.

Below are the steps to achieving this look! 🙌 Grab two sections of hair and begin by taking a very small piece from the right section always grabbing from the bottom. Then take that hair and bring it up and over the left-hand section and add it to that top side.  Then from the left-hand side take an equally same size piece from the bottom bring it up and over adding to the right top side.  Continue this simple pattern over and over again taking from the bottom row crisscrossing a small section over and on to the top.  Pulling it snug but not to snug to allow it to be pulled apart later.   Repeat until you're done your braid. Then secure the end of your braid with a small rubber band.  Now with your fingertips gently go through the braid beginning from the bottom pulling pieces apart.  Go gently and feel free to really pull it apart.   Note the  braid I'm showing in the picture began has 1.5 inch section braids. 

Well I hope you learned something from this.  Please feel free to message me if you would like a video showing this technique.  

Thanks for stopping by!



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